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Calm Your Anger in 3 Ways

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Anger is very terrible. Anger is called rage. Bad deeds and things are always done by us in anger. Sometimes self-harm is done by our own hands. And sometimes, in anger, others are harmed or things happen to the extent that anger destroys their life.

And when the anger subsides or the anger subsides, we regret what we have done.

People say that anger is man’s greatest enemy. When a person is angry, he does not even remember who is his friend or who is his relative. Sometimes the anger becomes so strong that even if there is a wife, husband, siblings, parents in front of us, we do not calm down. Sometimes even one’s life is lost due to anger.

Why Do People Get Angry?

Anger is a natural reaction. Anger is our natural reaction when we feel threatened or threatened. When angry, our body releases adrenaline, muscles tighten, and heart rate and blood pressure increase. The sensations you get will become more intense and your face and hands will become red.

In that way, anger only becomes a problem when you don’t calm it properly.
Humans usually express anger in different ways. Yet the four main causes of anger are frustration, irritation, abuse and injustice. All these types of anger have different causes.

Such as stress, tension, not being appreciated or treated properly, financial challenges in life, work or relationship problems. Car accidents or bad traffic, violence or abuse.

Due to all these reasons a person gets angry with many people. So, it is important to find ways to calm anger so that our anger does not become more dangerous.

How to Calm Anger.

How to manage anger: Use these 13 tips to calm yourself down when angry.
Anger is a normal feeling.

It is a natural gift. There is no one in the world who does not get angry.
But anger has limits. As everything has limits, anger has limits.
Sometimes anger solves our problems, and a person improves.
Sometimes you are aggressive because of anger, when anger erupts you do not approach anyone. Sometimes they fight to the point of fighting each other.

Such anger is very terrible. In anger you hurt others along with yourself. If you want to control anger, if you want to calm anger, read this post completely. I am going to tell you 13 ways to control anger.
After reading this post, you will be able to control your anger in 25 ways.

13 Ways to Calm Anger

1 Count Down

Count down from 10 to 1 (or count the digits from 1 to 10). While counting the numbers, count in your mind or you can also say out loud. If you feel angry, count from 100 to 1. The longer it takes you to count these numbers, the faster your heart will beat and the less angry you will become. Anger will subside.

2 Take a Deep Breath

In anger, our breathing becomes stronger, so when anger increases, the speed of this breath also increases. So when you are angry, take a slow, deep breath through your nose. Inhale, hold for a few seconds and exhale. Do this breathing exercise at least 10 times. Anger will be controlled.

3 Go for a Walk or Exercise

Exercising or going for a walk when angry is very beneficial. Exercise calms the nerves and reduces anger. Go for a walk, go cycling. Or play some outdoor games. Because anything that moves your limbs is good for your mind and body.

4 Relax for a While

Friends, when you are angry, nothing is suggested. The mind gets confused. One does not know right from wrong in anger. So give your body some rest. Anger causes the muscles in our body to tense up, which increases the flow of blood. In that case, if you relax. Anger calms down. Make sure to try this.

5 Do Chanting

Mantra has great power. And if such mantras are used when angry, it works. Chanting a specific mantra is not necessary. Find a mantra that makes you happy, or that you like, and chant it over and over. As in, “I am calm, happy.” As such mantra you can control anger.

6 Be Mentally Competent

Go to a quiet room, close your eyes, and practice visualizing yourself as relaxed, calm, and happy. Focus on the things in the imagined scene: eg, what color is the water? How high are the mountains? How do chirping birds make sounds? Practicing this kind of practice helps to calm down anger.

7 Listen to Some Song or Tune

It is not said that music has great power, the alchemy of taming the mind is only in music. So when you feel angry, listen to your favorite song. Go to a quiet place and listen to a song, listening to music without headphones will make a difference quickly.

8 Stop Talking While

When we get angry, very bad and undesirable words come out of our mouths in anger. And the longer the anger the longer the speech. So when you get angry, stop talking, and get to a quiet place. By not saying something in anger, the problem is solved and the anger is calmed down.

9 Take Time for Yourself

Give yourself a break. Sit away from others. During this quiet time, you can reflect on what happened and calm your emotions, mind. Your mind calms down at this time when you are away from others. And there is an understanding of not returning the mistakes that have been made.

10 Write a Diary

Instead of talking when you are angry, write in a diary or on a piece of paper. Because what we cannot speak, we can write. Write down what you feel and what action you want to take. Processing through the written word can help you calm down and stabilize your emotions.

11 Talk to a Friend or Adult

Don’t dwell on the events that made you angry. Talk to a trusted, supportive friend who can explain, give you a new perspective, and ask for their take on what happened. It is always better to seek guidance from others.

12. Laugh Loudly

There is no other way to calm yourself down when you are angry, to put yourself in a good mood than to laugh. Let go of your anger by finding ways to laugh, whether it’s playing with your kids, watching videos, or telling jokes. Find ways to smile when you feel angry and smile.

13 Increase Habit of Forgiveness

As a human being, mistakes are bound to happen. So, when you feel angry, do not take it out on others, but make it a habit to forgive. Realize the good things in your life. The habit of forgiveness will always prove helpful in calming your anger.


Friends, by reading 13 ways to calm anger, you must have understood how to calm anger. Calm anger by following the ways I mentioned above. If you have benefited from this post, definitely let us know in the comments. And keep visiting our Marathi Points blog for similar self help. thank you!

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