How to Stay-Warm-in-Winter.

Best Useful ways To Stay Warm In Winter

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Do this remedy in winter and the cold will escape. Hello friends, it is very cold. Outside, inside the house too, the cold is sweltering. It doesn’t matter if you wear double sweaters or expensive warm clothes.

So friends, you will definitely be satisfied after reading this post. Because even if I call panacea or zalim, how can one get rid of cold.

Or how to reduce the force of the cold, cool solutions are told.

Wear Warm Clothes

When it is cold, it is necessary to wear warm clothes. Pants, sweaters, jackets, mufflers, gloves, socks, earmuffs etc. made of wool and cotton fabrics are warm. So all these warm clothes should be used.

Warm Food and Drinks

You should have the habit of eating food as per your routine. And drinking warming drinks is beneficial in winter to ward off cold.

Always take hot food in your meals and drink hot tea, hot coffee to prevent cold.

Reverse the Fan

What! You must be wondering, in winter we keep the fans off and I am asking you to start the fan. So first quietly read all what I am saying. Set the fan to start but run in reverse.

This will cause all the air in the room to come under the fan as the fan rotates in reverse. It is a law of physics that when all the cold air settles, the warm air will escape. You should definitely try it.

Keep Home Warm

Pay attention to how your home will stay warm. The fad of laying tiles these days becomes useless in this cold. Even so, I don’t think you should put tiles on the floor.

As a remedy, you should add hot choline, or soap, to all areas where there are tiles. Airtight doors and windows. Put thick and warm curtains on the windows.

Stay Active Daily.

In winter, our body gets cold as the environment is cold. So you need to keep moving. Do household chores.

After finishing work, do yoga instead of sitting quietly at home. Go jogging. do exercise Do activities that involve any movement throughout the day. So your body will feel less cold.

Remove your fear of cold from your mind

Our mind is the greatest mystery in the world. How we think. What is your karma? And how we behave is all determined by our mind.

Our mind is also helpful in how to find ways out of everyday problems. Therefore, if you feel cold, reject that cold from your mind, automatically the fear of cold and the effects of cold will be reduced.

Here I give you some affirmations or prayers that will definitely benefit you. Don’t let the faith in your heart diminish just by uttering these words. Also keep your body very relaxed and calm.

“My heart is strong. He always guides me. I am slowly gazing at the sun and receiving its energy. I am enveloped in heat.”

Conclusion :

So guys you have got a lot of tips. Surely you have been guided. We hope that these remedies will definitely do the trick and get rid of your cold.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the post in the comment box. Let others benefit from this post. Share to your friends, loved ones.

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