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What is Google and who is its Founder

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How many of you know what Google is? Today everyone who uses a mobile uses Google. If we go back 15 to 20 years from today, there was Internet but then there was lack of information. People had the information but not much of it on the Internet. Just like today you find and search everything on the net, 10-15 years ago people used to get information from books or by asking someone. I still remember those days.

But getting information by asking people was a big problem in those days. At that time there were some websites, but there were many problems to find out which website contained which information or any information quickly.

Then at the same time two young guys came to solve this problem, and they created Google Google to solve this problem. Now the question arises, who were those young children? What is Google, who made it and how Google started. I am giving you all this information in this article. For that read this article completely and till the end. So let’s get started.

What is Google

Google is the world’s largest search engine. If you look for anything in it, you will surely find it. Generally everyone thinks that, but the answer does not end here, today Google is working in many fields. To be honest Google is a multinational company, along with search engine it has other businesses like internet analytics, cloud computing services are also provided by Google.

For example, Google makes its money through the way you use Google Drive, advertising services, an application (an application you download from the Play Store), its own browser called Chrome, and its own operating system (Android).

In 2016, Google put its paws in the mobile industry and introduced a new mobile called Google Pixel which became popular in the market. Along with this, I am going to tell you today that there are Map, e-mail and more than 20 products in the world.

If you are told about the earnings of this company you will be blown away, but take this total this company earns $1 Million USD in a day which is about Rs.6,85,22,50,000. If you want to know what is the history of Google, then let us find out.

How was Google named?

Larry Page and Sergey Bryan named their search engine, inspired by the word googol in Edward Kasner and James Newman’s book Mathematics and Imagination. Googol is 1 followed by 100 zeros.

History of Google

By the way, today, Google is a billion-trillion company, Google has made its own place in the Oxford dictionary, Google is a verb.

Who invented Google?

It was created by two PhD students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both students at Stanford University, California, who met at the same place in 1995, and from there the search engine began.

In 1996, when Sergey Brin and Larry Page were doing their PhD studies, they thought of doing something different for their PhD research project and thought, “It would be great if we could rank a website against other websites. The method was that the number of times a word was searched for, and it was on that webpage, it would rank the webpage, and that’s what we see in Google today.Initially, Google was called BACKRUB.

In 1997, the two named the search engine “Google” which is “googol”, actually, a mathematical term and was created by Google’s misspelling. And this is a fun fact. googol means 100 zeros followed by 1.

Google’s first doodle homepage was created in 1998, but now Google edits more than 2000 doodle homepages worldwide and currently has an independent doodle team.

AdWords was launched in 2000 and now Google is the world’s largest online advertising service provider. And because of this, big businesses have become successful. Provides service of text ad, Video ad and mobile ad and gets paid in return.

On April Fool’s Day in 2004, the company launched Gmail, along with providing a lot of storage space for Gmail data, and it continues to grow even more today.

Google acquired a mapping company Keyhole in 2004-05 and today the map company is known as Google Maps. Due to this, we can search the road, find information about a new place, we can see 360 Degree View at home using Google Earth app.

In 2006, the company acquired YouTube, a highly specialized video sharing website. Currently, 60 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute.

Android was acquired by Google in 2007 and is currently the best operating system for mobile devices.

In 2008, Google launched its own browser Chrome, officially launched on September 2, 2008, it is one of the most popular browsers in the world.

Before Larry Page became Google’s new CEO in 2011, Eric Schmidt is now the executive chairman of Alphabet.

Google+ project started in 2011 itself, it has real life features like Facebook, Twitter.

9 July 2012 Google Now and Google Voice Search feature launched, now Google Assistant.

Google entered the Google Glass market in 2013. In which you can operate your mobile from glasses.

VR HEAD SET was launched in 2015, now it has become very popular.

Project Google Loon started in 2016, bringing the Internet to places where the Internet did not reach, and Google’s first mobile phone, the Pixel, was launched in the same year.

Google Home was also launched in 2016, through which you can control all the electronic devices in the house, while also knowing the answers to some questions.

Google.ai was launched at Google’s Google i/o in 2017 where you get AI tools and with it also launched Google Lens, where you can take any photo of you and know what it is?

So this was the history of Google till now, so Google will continue to run, let’s see what new will come.

Full Form of Google


Who owns Google?

Google company is owned by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Who is the CEO of Google?

The CEO of Google is Sunder Pichai who is of Indian origin. Yeh sach mein hamare ek fakr ki baat hai ki baat hai ki ki ki baat hai ki an Indian is the CEO of the world’s largest internet company.

The CEO of Google is CEO- Sundar Pichai and he is of Indian origin. It is indeed a matter of pride for us that an Indian is the CEO of the world’s largest internet company.

For your information, let me tell you that Sundar Pichai earns around 1200-1300 crores per year.

Google is a company of which country?

Google is an American company based in the state of California. This question often comes to people’s minds. At the same time, Google has branches in many places, including India.

Google’s all Products

Here you’ll learn what Google products are, how they work, and what they’re used for. Let’s find out one by one-

Search – Google search is used by every internet user. You can use it to search for information on Google.

Android – Android is the most used mobile OS in the world. You see it in everyone’s hand.

Chrome Browser – Chrome browser is a fast, simple and secure browser for all devices.

Blogger – Blogger is also called Blogspot. You can create your own blog. This is a completely free service where you can share your thoughts with people.

Chrome OS – is an Operating System created by Google for Laptops and Computers.

Gmail – Gmail is an electronic e-mail service. Due to this, you can send messages by writing a letter earlier, now you can receive it through e-format.

Chromecast – Chromecast is such a service. By which the mobile screen is shown on the TV. Like, you can watch movies, music and more from mobile on TV.

Google+ – A Facebook-like social website created by Google. But now it has been closed.

Google Pay – Google Pay is one such mobile app. Through which transactions of receiving and paying money can be made.

Books – You can read different types of books on computer, mobile or laptop through Google Books.

Calendar – Here you can store all the details of what you want to do in a day, who to meet, through the calendar. You can share the event with your friend.

Contacts – to keep the addresses and numbers of your family and friends together. You can also share them across any device.

Docs – Docs is a type of Microsoft Office document like word, xl, txt used to create online.

Google Drive – Through Google Drive where you can store your data and download data whenever you want.

Earth – Through Google Earth, you can view photos or maps of any place in the world from the comfort of your home.

Image – You can search any image you want through Google Image.

Keep – With the Keep app, you can store your thoughts in notes, lists, and voice memos and view them anywhere.

Maps – Google Maps is an app in which you can easily find any place and also find the way to go anywhere.

Google Ads – You can advertise your business, business, services through Google Ads. So you will get customers and your business will grow.

AdSense – Google Adsense allows you to earn money by displaying ads on your content. Google Adsense is a service through which you can monetize your YouTube channel and Blog or Website and earn through Google Ads.

Analytics – Through Google Analytics you can see customer behavior, which country they are from, which pages or videos they watch the most. Through this you can plan to make your product or service more efficient.

Google My Business – You can register with Google My Business to get your business information in front of people through Google Search and Maps.

Google WIFI – Google WiFi is used to provide internet facility at home.

Google Now – in which you can easily search for any information you need on Google and Google provides the same information you search for.

Google Patents – You can search millions of patents in Google Patents (exclusive).

Google Photos – Google Photos is an online storage. Where you can keep your photos, videos and download them whenever you want.

Google Allo – Google Allo was an instant messaging mobile app by Google for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It closed on March 12, 2019. The Google Allo app is available with web clients on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

Google Duo – Google Duo is a video chatting mobile app developed by Google, the app is available on Android and iOS operating systems. It was launched worldwide on 16 August 2016. It is also available for use via a web browser on desktop and laptop computers.

Google Translator – Google Translator is a free service from Google that translates words, phrases and web pages between English and more than 100 other languages. This service is very interesting and important.

Wear OS – Google Wear OS keeps you fitter, more connected as you check your body’s data every minute.

YouTube – YouTube is a video sharing site. And there are social media platforms. You can search for the video you want in it.

So this is Google’s product information.

Founder of Google – Who has more shares?

Now let’s know who owns how much share in google company, although Google shares are owned by many people, but I am mentioning only three special people here, who have the most shares: –

Larry Page – 27.4%

Sergey Brin – 26.9%

Eric Schmidt – 5.5%


Google’s mission statement is, “Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

How Does Google Earn

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that Google doesn’t charge you for many of its services. Be it GMail, video services like YouTube, or Google search for anything. Here you don’t have to pay a single rupee to use these services. Now the question is that when Google is providing us with all these free services then how does it make money?

What makes you think is that despite providing so many countless services, how is Google Earning No. 1?

Really! The thing to think about is, how is Google number 1 in the world in terms of revenue, despite providing so many services for free?

The most correct answer is that he earns money from Advertisement.

Yes you read that right. Google has clearly shown in one of their reports that more than 96% of their revenue comes from advertisements alone.

Almost 70% of the ads you see on Google or any other website or blog you see are created by Google. As Google is a very large search engine, it has about 1 billion results. From this you can consider the traffic of Google. Today, Google.com ranks as the number 1 website in the world.

Can you tell that you are also the source of Google’s revenue? Yes, let me explain to you how it all works. Google is a huge advertising company and its biggest product is you. 96% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. Google displays 1 billion search query results to people around the world every day. Along with this, it also shows billions of ads to people simultaneously. Here I am telling the secret of this work of Google.

Google keeps track of all your online activities. That’s why it shows you all the relevant ads that you’ve searched for before. That’s why you are more likely to click on ads and buy those things. Google shows you ads based on your interests.

In this way, all people who use Google Services become its products in a way. Those who have proved helpful in selling to other companies. That’s why most companies use google ads to promote their products.

In such a situation, all people using Google’s services become Google products in a way. Which helps other companies to market them. That’s why most of the companies are using Google Ads only to promote their products.

Let’s take a look at how this advertisement service is provided.

Google Ads and AdWords

“AdWords” is Google’s online advertising service, where advertisers pay and Google advertises their business to the right people. The special thing about Adwords is that you only pay when a visitor takes an action on your business ad, which is very cost effective.

Companies that want to market their services to others or advertise their products. They use Google Ads or Adwords.

Here you have to provide all the information you need to create your ads. So that your ads can easily reach the right customers. So these ads will be seen only by people who are interested in those products. In such a situation, many companies have to pay Google to facilitate these ads.

Google AdSense

AdSense is a product of Google and it displays automatic text, image and video ads on the publisher’s website or blog.

Here Google uses its ads in publishers’ websites or blogs. For this, it distributes whatever revenue it earns from ad clicks to the publishers. Here Google keeps 32% of the amount, while 68% goes to the publisher’s account.

In this type of advertisement, money is taken in the form of cost per thousand impression price. Also the publisher also gets some share in it.

In other words, Google brings publishers to advertisers, while publishers bring users to advertisers. In such a situation, Google acts as a medium.

How Google Became Popular in India?

JIO is the main reason why Google is so popular in India. Yes, you read that right. Ever since Jio has introduced free internet data in the market and then also providing internet at very low rates, now people don’t have to think much like before to watch videos on YouTube or browse the internet. They can use Google as much as they like.

There was a time when we had to depend on internet cafes to do any internet work. Who was taking money from us according to his will. But now times have changed, now you don’t need to go anywhere to use internet. Now easily everyone is using Google for everything they need.

That’s probably why Google is known as Google Bab, because it answers any question you ask very easily, that too instantly. At the same time, its algorithms are so advanced that we get the correct answers to our questions, and there is no need to search for more questions.

Day by day Google is bringing new services for its users. Every year it definitely brings something new service. That’s why Google has created dominance not only in India but in the entire world.


So friends, you have enjoyed today’s information, I hope you find this information useful.

By the way, you have been able to answer this question, What is Google (What is Google in Marathi), according to me, all the big companies in the world would like to work with Google and Google is slowly working on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. . Due to which humans have to use their intellect less. By the way, Google’s aim is to make human life easier.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want some improvements in it, you can write a comment for it. I always welcome your comments. And always try to clear your doubts.

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